NeoDesk 4

Current version: Download NeoDesk 4.06

NeoDesk 4, the revolutionary replacement for the built-in Atari desktop, is now freeware.

NeoDesk 4 adds hundreds of new features and enhancements over the original desktop, while remaining fully compatible with your other software applications.

NeoDesk 4 is ideal for machines running a multitasking system (such as Geneva or MultiTOS) it also incorporates many of the features found in Geneva on singletasking systems, including 3D buttons, window gadgets, and popup menus.

Right: Geneva running NeoDesk4, Imagecopy 3.5, STalker, STeno, and Thought! concurrently.


Here are just a few of the many features in NeoDesk 4:

Now Included:

NeoDesk CLI

The NeoDesk CLI is a complete Command Line Interface (CLI) for the NeoDesk desktop and runs as either a desk accessory or stand alone program, within its own GEM Window.

Both MS-DOS and UNIX style commands let you perform file operations directly from the keyboard. These commands can also be combined to create powerful batch files, which let you automate complex operations. Through NeoDesk, these batch files can be easily executed by just double-clicking on their icon or dropping them on the CLI icon.

Special functions let you configure and review a complete history buffer of all output and of the commands you’ve entered.

The NeoDesk CLI can also run TOS programs within its GEM window. This makes a cleaner display, and you can change the font size used by that TOS program. You can even use the CLI as a VT-52 terminal!

Special commands let you control the size and location of the CLI window, set and remove environmental variables, use parameter passing, and even create menus within your batch files.

NeoDesk Icon Disk

Here’s a collection of over 500 icons separated into categories for easy viewing. There are multicoloured and monochrome appearances, and many icons have different selected states.

Current version: Download NeoDesk 4.06