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A revolutionary replacement for the built-in desktop.

NeoDesk 4 adds hundreds of new features and enhancements over the original desktop, while remaining fully compatible with your other software applications.


NeoDesk 4 is ideal for machines running a multitasking system (such as Geneva or MultiTOS) it also incorporates many of the features found in Geneva on singletasking systems, including 3D buttons, window gadgets, and popup menus.

Geneva running NeoDesk4, Imagecopy 3.5, STalker, STeno, and Thought! concurrently.


Here are just a few of the many features in NeoDesk 4:

Library/*NeoDesk 3 Icon Disk

This disk contains over 700 separate monochrome icons for use with NeoDesk 3.

While you can create new icons with NeoDesk's built-in Icon Editor, not all of us have the time or artistic ability to do that. Therefore, we've compiled a disk full of exciting icons.

Give your files, programs, accessories, and utilities a unique look by taking advantage of NeoDesk's custom icon feature to assign each a unique icon. These icons are easily arranged in separate categories (by use and type of application), making it easy to find just the right icon for your program.

Many different choices are offered for each category, letting you create a customised look for your programs and files. They also include file names indicating suggestions as to the programs or files they can be used with.

Icons are available for all major programs like Word Perfect, Calamus, PageStream, Word Writer, 1st Word Plus, ARC, LZH, LDW Power, SuperBase, and more.

These icons are compatible with NeoDesk 4, but do not take advantage of NeoDesk 4's more advanced features (such as 16 colour icons and different icon views).

Library/*NeoDesk 4 Icon Disk

Here's another collection of icons, this time specifically for NeoDesk 4. On this disk, you will find over 500 icons separated into categories for easy viewing. There are multicoloured and monochrome appearances, and many icons have different selected states.


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