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Regiment Officers Selected &
to Kansas City by Steamer

Our company completed the number of ten companies that was required at that time for a regiment of cavalry. The regiments was officered as follows:-Colonel, C. R. Jennison: Lieutenant Colonel, D. R. Anthony; 1st Major T. P. Herrick; 2nd Major, A. L. Lee; Adjutant, H. D. Hunt; Quartermaster, Snoddy; and Chaplain Rev. Mr. Ayers. Three of the companies of the regiments were from Illinois, namely the "D", which was our company; "E" from Chicago, and "F" from Central Illinois. One company "K" was from Ohio. Its captain was John Brown Jr., son of John Brown of Harper's Ferry fame.

As soon as we were thus organized and temporarily armed, without waiting for our mounts, we were hurried to Kansas City by steamer, (there was not a mile of railroad in the state at that time), to assist in the defense of that place against the rebel force under General Price, who was greatly elated over his recent victory at Lexington. A brigade of infantry was there upon our arrival and an attack from the enemy was expected at any time. One day a horseman came rushing in from the front with the report that the rebels were advancing. We were called into line and stood to arms with fear and trembling, waiting for further orders. Later it was announced that it was a false alarm, and we were provided to break ranks and return to quarters.

We had no tents and so were quartered in vacant buildings. Our company occupied a brick building evidently originally built for school or church purposes, but was without seats or furniture of any kind. There was room enough on the two sides and back and for sleeping purposes by lying side by side, our heads to the wall. A single blanket on the bare floor was in striking contrast with the good beds we had left at home, but there was no complaining.

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