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The Independence "Corral" & the Up Hays Fight

Our command reached Independence about eleven A.M. Jennison sent out squads of his men all through the town and gathered all the men that could be found into the public square and had a proclamation which he had prepared for the occasion read to them. It promised protection to peaceable citizens, but declared that thereafter " wherever my men are fired upon from ambushed, the answer will boom from cannon and desolation will follow treason." Judging from the later activities of the guerrilla bands, the people were not greatly alarmed at that fulmination. We gathered up a number of horses suitable for government service and returned to Kansas City that night.

A few days later companies "A" and "H" went out a few miles where they met Up Hays and his guerrilla band. A sharp flight ensued with losses on both sides and the defeat of the latter. Shortly after that we returned to within eight miles of Leavenworth City where we encamped on the open prairie and remained about a week. While there we received two months pay, the first we had received, being thirteen dollars and fifty cents per month. Some of the comrades who had been sick were so are recovered as to be able to join us there. Emerson was among them.

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