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Morristown, Mid - December, 1861

After a few days a detachment of fifteen men from each company, under command of Captain Merriman, was sent to Morristown, a days march northeast, to see how it would do as a winter camp. It was then about the 20th of December, 1861. It began snowing soon after we left camp and continued steadily all day. We reached Morristown a little before dark. We took possession of a large barn, where we found hay for our horses. We got corn for them from a field a half mile away. A little ravine in which the barn was located and a fine grove south and east of it afforded shelter for our horses, while we occupied the barn. Of course, we posted a strong guard, as we were surrounded by enemies.

Eight to ten inches depth of snow had fallen during the day. We had walked considerably on the march to keep warm, and had run about a good deal getting food for our horses at night. The snow had melted around the bottoms of our pants and boots, and then had frozen and were a glaze of ice. As we never undressed when we were subject to an attack at any hour, as we were then, such icy pedals did not add to the comfort of the night.

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