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1700 Slaves Freed
and Secesh* Property Confiscated

Aubery, Kansas, Saturday, Feb. 1st. We left Blue Spring this morning, our line of march being a little south of west. We are three miles over the Kansas and Missouri state line. We learn that the regiment has broke camp at Morristown and is on the march to Humbolt, Kansas, where we are expected to join it.

During our four month’s campaign in Missouri, we have been on the go most of the time; have met the guerrilla bands several times and dispersed and driven them off; have confiscated a great deal of secesh property, and have aided 1,700 slaves from slavery to freedom in Kansas.

Ossawatamie, Kansas, Sunday, the 2nd. We have marched thirty miles over a beautiful rolling prairie, and are comfortably quartered in hotels in this place tonight. There was to have been a meeting here tonight and several of us were glad of the opportunity of attending. Services had just begun, when shooting was heard. We rushed out, thinking Quantrail had followed us up, but found that the shooting was to give the alarm of a burning house. We pitched in and fought fire instead of guerrillas. There was no more meeting for us that night.


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