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Fort Leavenworth

It was several miles to Fort Leavenworth from the ferry and it was dark when we reached there. As we passed the barracks we were greeted with " Hurrah for Jennison's Jayhawkers!” all along the way. I said to myself, " Well, this must be the nest of that beast or bird, and we will soon learn its nature.”

Several companies of volunteers had already assembled there and large tents had been pitched on what was known as the Bluegrass Camp Ground. One of them was assigned to our company. The man who were already their greeted us with a soldier’s welcome around the campfires and with coffee, bread and bacon. Having satisfied our keen appetite and indulged in a little campfire talk, we “turned in” for a good rest. Rolled up in an army blanket on the grass, with my boots for a pillow, I slept as soundly as if on a “downy bed of ease."

There was a heavy rain during the night, and in the morning one of my boots was missing. After considerable search I found it at the lower end of the tent. A trench had been dug along the edge of the tent to carry off the water in case of rain. I had lain with my head to the edge of the tent, and the rush of water caught the boot as it had been shoved out a little during the night, and carried it down stream.

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