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Oxford, Mississippi


Tuesday, 2nd. Oxford, Miss. Our brigade moved out of camp at 3 A.M. with three days rations, and crossed the Tallahatchie on the main road. The rebel works at that point are very strong, and they might have offered a strong resistance if we had attempted to have taken them by assault. A flank movement by our right wing compelled an evacuation without a battle. We moved on through Abbyville and met the enemy near Oxford about 2 o’clock. Some pretty sharp fighting followed but we succeeded in driving him into, through and beyond the town. Eight rebels were killed and several wounded and captured. I took two prisoners. We had pushed our way along the streets and alleys and across the house lots to within three blocks of the public square, when we were obliged to call for re-enforcements as there was a strong force of the enemy there. While we were waiting for the re-enforcements to come up, Col. Herrick and I were standing just at the edge of the main street. Presently we realized that we were targets for some sharp shooter up the street. We drew back a little and soon saw a man come from behind a building and stand beside a nearby tree and fire and then step back. I trained my carbine on that spot, and when he appeared again I pulled the trigger before he had a chance to. He jumped back without firing and did not show up again. As we were falling back after having driven the Johnnys through town, I had occasion to stop so got behind. As I hurried on to overtake the command I discovered two rebels crawling out of a corncrib beside the road. I succeeded in "surrounding’ them and took them into camp, muskets and all. They evidently thought the coast was clear, and that they could safely crawl out and get away. We are camped in the town tonight. It is a fine town.

Wednesday, 3rd. Our brigade moved out this morning towards Coffeeville taking the main road. We found the bridge over the Yazoo River partly destroyed, and were delayed three hours in its repair so we could cross. We are camped tonight seven miles from Oxford on a large plantation where there is plenty of corn and forage for our horses.

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