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Grant Moves South


(I have omitted 3/1-11/25/62 which is available in the printed diary. D.H.)

Camp near Grand Junction, Tenn. Wednesday, Nov. 26th. About 9A.M. we received orders to be ready to march at 11 A.M. but when the time came to move the order was countermanded and we are still in camp here.

Thursday, 27th. We have been preparing for a move. About 3 P.M. we received orders to be ready to march at 3 A.M. tomorrow. We are to go to Holly Springs. The whole army is to move by daylight.

Holly Springs, Miss. Friday, Nov. 28th. We left our camp south west of Grand Junction at 3 A.M. and reached this place about 2 P.M. We met about three hundred rebel cavalry and drove them from the town, and three miles beyond. One of our men was wounded, and we killed a rebel Captain. We are camped tonight just north of town.

Four miles south of Lumkins Mills. Saturday, Nov. 29th. We moved out this morning, and met the enemy just beyond our pickets. Skirmishing began at once. The enemy contested every foot of ground. At Lumkins Mills, they brought up two pieces of artillery and worked them very lively. We brought one of our guns into position and dismounted one of their pieces at the first shot. A lively skirmish followed, but we succeeded in driving the rebels from their position, and followed them four miles, where night overtook us and we are now camped.

Sabbath, Nov. 30th. Four miles south of Lumkins Mills. We moved out about sunrise, and soon met our pickets. They had been attacked by four companies of rebel cavalry, and compelled to retire. Several companies of our regiment were dismounted, and a lively skirmish at once began. The enemy opened on us with a masked battery, but our artillery was soon brought into position and replied. Other regiments were also brought into action, and the enemy driven from his position, and into his fortifications on the Tallihatchie. From there they opened on us with artillery to which we replied. This was continued till night. We have fallen back to this place where we are again camped.

Monday, Dec. 1st. Four miles south of Lumkins Mills, Miss. It rained quite hard last night. Our regiment is lying comparatively quiet. It is learned that the rebels have evacuated their fortifications on the Tallihatchie river. Our forces are now rebuilding the bridge which the enemy destroyed.

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