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Col. Jennison Reviews the Regiment


Friday, 21st. We had battalion, company, and regimental drill. We heard of the capture of Ft. Donalson, with Generals Buckner and Johnson and fifteen thousand rebels, twenty thousand stands of arms, and two hundred cannon. Lt. Hughs returned, but did not get the deserters.

Saturday, 22nd. We had a grand review of our regiment by Colonel Jennison (acting Brig. Gen’l) Thirty four guns were fired in honor of Washington’s birthday.

Humbolt, Kansas, Sunday, Feb. 23, 1862. We had inspection of arms and quarters. Had preaching by Chaplain Ayers. Weather fine.

Monday 24th. Had drill. Capt. Morrison told me he could not spare me from the company to join the regimental band. Weather fine.

Tuesday 25th. Had drill. Our mess drew up some wood.

Wednesday 26th. We heard of the evacuation of Columbus in Ky. and the surrender of Nashville, Tenn.

Thursday 27th. Joseph Carnahan of our company returned home. Weather fine.

Friday 28th. Were mustered for pay. Weather very fine. Our provision train arrived from Ft. Leavenworth.

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