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Holmes, Bas and Triplet Killed

Camp Johnson, Morristown, Mo. , Tuesday, January 7, 1862. - Only the routine of camp duties by those of us who are in camp have occurred. It is warmer and thawed some.

Wednesday, the 8th. - The detachment that went out under Captain Houston returned to-day. They fell into an ambush of bush-wackers in which Orderly Sergeant Holmes and Private Bas and Triplet of Company D were killed. It has been quite warm today. A detachment of two hundred men under Lieutenant Colonel Anthony went south, expecting to be gone for days.

Thursday, the 9th - Everything quiet in camp today. 0ur man were unable to recover the bodies of the comrades who were killed in yesterday's affair.

Friday, the 10th - Mrs. Merriman and Mrs. Downing are visiting their husbands in camp and they took dinner with our mess today.

Saturday, the 11th - All quiet in camp.

Sunday, the 12th – Lieut. Col. Anthony and his command returned having met no enemy, but bringing in lots of confiscated property.

Monday, the 13th - Major Herrick’s command returned. A good many colored people followed them in. It is quite cold.

Tuesday, the 14th - I wrote home. About six inches depth of snow fell.

Thursday, the 16th - It is the coldest morning we have had. I am on guard.

(1/15/62 - No entry. D.H.)

Friday, the 17th - A small squad of man under Capt. Merriman and two wagons went out on a little trip.

Saturday, the 18th - Captain Merriman and party returned.

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