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A Bee Hive

Sunday, the 19th - No meeting in camp. Everything quiet.

Monday, the 20th - We hear that we are to move camp soon. Weather cloudy; considerable snow on the ground.

Tuesday, the 21st - I am on guard. I begin to cook for our mess.

Wednesday, the 22nd - We had dress parade. It has been a mild day.

Thursday, the 23rd - Colonel Jennison, who has been to Leavenworth, returned. Weather mild. We had dress parade.

(1/24/62 – No Entry D.H.)

Saturday, the 25th - Fifteen men from each company, one hundred fifty in all, under command of Captain Pardee, started out on an expedition. I was in the detail of man which Lieutenant Downing commanded from our company. We went to Pleasant Hill, then to Lone Jack in a Southeasterly direction, a very small town, mostly deserted. We reached there about dark. Our squad took possession of a vacant house for our quarters. After caring for our horses we turned our attention to getting "grub" ready. Some of the boys came in with honey. Following their directions, I went out with my tin plate and knife to get some. I found the overturned hive and poked my knife in to get some. It being dark, I could not see what I was getting, so tasted it to see. I discovered at once, for I got a bee into my mouth. I concluded I did not want any honey anyhow, but carried a swollen tongue for a while as a reminder of the bees vigorous defensive operations. It had thawed some during the day and was wet and slushy.


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